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Recap: “She Speaks Data” Series – Unlocking Product Growth with Big Data, Data Science, and Machine Learning

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By Surekha Reddy,

May 19, 2024


NW chapter recently hosted a session as part of the “She Speaks Data” series, organized by the Women in Big Data (WIBD) Northwest Chapter. The event featured Poornima Muthukumar, Senior Product Manager at Microsoft, who shared her expertise on leveraging data science to drive product growth and innovation.

Event Overview

On May 16th, 2024, Poornima Muthukumar presented using big data, data science, and machine learning to create impactful products. Her talk provided a deep dive into building data-driven products, supported by insightful analysis and advanced techniques.

Key Highlights

  1. Building Data-Driven Products:
    Poornima explained the role of data science in product development and provided strategies for developing market-relevant, user-centric products.
  2. Insightful Product Analysis:
    The session covered various types of product data analysis, including feedback, engagement, retention, funnel, and segmentation analysis. Poornima demonstrated how these analyses can help understand user behavior and refine product features.
  3. Effective A/B Testing:
    Poornima shared knowledge on designing and running A/B experiments to optimize user experience. She highlighted the importance of systematic experimentation in making data-backed product decisions.
  4. Leveraging Machine Learning:
    Poornima gave examples of applying machine learning to enhance product performance, showcasing its potential to transform the user experience.
  5. Strategic Partnerships and Growth:
    Poornima discussed the importance of forging strategic partnerships to scale AI solutions. She shared her experiences collaborating with leading cloud providers, significantly contributing to her projects’ success.

Speaker’s Contributions

Poornima Muthukumar has a background in cloud computing, AI, and big data systems and over 8 years of experience in the tech industry. She holds three patents at Microsoft and has been recognized for her innovative contributions, including winning the Global Hackathon in the AI category. Poornima is involved in several tech communities, such as the Grace Hopper Conference, Women Who Code, Women in Data Science, and Women in Big Data.

Audience Engagement

The session was engaging, with attendees actively participating during the Q&A segment. The interactive discussion provided additional insights and addressed various questions.

Key Takeaways

  • Integrating Data Science: Emphasize the importance of data science in the early stages of product development for better outcomes.
  • Continuous Improvement: Regular analysis and experimentation are key to refining and enhancing user experience.
  • Collaborative Growth: Leverage strategic partnerships to scale AI solutions and drive significant product growth.

We thank Poornima Muthukumar for sharing her insights and to all participants for their involvement.

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Did you miss the Session?

Catch the recorded session here.

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