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Senior Technologists Circle – EMEA

Peer Group Mentoring
For Mid and Senior Level Technologists
Offered by EMEA Region

General Description: You might have heard the saying “There’s strength in numbers”.  We at Women in Big Data believe that this saying applies to mentoring as well, and are offering a peer group mentoring opportunity. Participants will learn from career peers, people in a similar professional stage. This peer group mentoring program, available to Women in Big Data members from the EMEA Region, is designed to provide mid and senior level technologists with a supportive community for ongoing professional and personal growth.  Participants practice both sides of the mentoring relationship, being mentee and mentor for each other, allowing each participant to provide and receive essential career support and advice.  Grow your career and help others do the same.

What you bring to this program:

  • Commitment to yourself to actively learn from the experience of others to advance your career objectives
  • Commitment to other participants’ development by being present for all sessions, and participating with interest helping others advance their career objectives
  • Willingness to create a trust-based professional community

What you take away:

  • Gain new perspectives as you advance your professional development
  • Develop supportive relationships as you explore current or future career opportunities
  • Benefit from a community willing to share practical advice 
  • Enhance coaching skills which is key for management and leadership roles
  • Gain a sense of inclusion and belonging in a new network of peers

Logistics: This virtual program bi-weekly program spans 12 weeks. Sessions are one-hour long. Participants are expected to attend all sessions.

Language and Time Zone: his program will be conducted in English, and the group will meet at 5:00pm CEST (4:00pm UTC) on alternate Tuesdays (date and time of the group session to be confirmed).  

Program Offering: We are currently accepting applications for our next session which starts in April 2023 and concludes in June 2023.

Participant Eligibility: Women in Big Data members from any EMEA  based chapter can apply for this program. There is space for 10 qualified participants.  This program is appropriate for anyone with 10+ years experience in computational technology or data science fields, and is looking to advance their career. 

Facilitators: Although this is a self-directed peer group, two experienced senior professionals, each with 10+ years in technology will facilitate as needed.

Contact mentoring@womeninbigdata.org for more information.

Interested in joining this program – Click on this link to apply as a Participant.

Not yet a Women in Big Data  Member but interested in this mentoring program?  Successful registration in this program will enroll you in Women in Big Data.  Membership is free.