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Spotlighting Bianca Sandu: Career Transition to Tech

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By Meyyar Palaniappan,

June 3, 2024

BS Munich

Welcome to the originals, made@WiBDMunich edition.

In today’s article, rather call it an interview, we delve into the captivating journey of Bianca Sandu, a remarkable individual whose path from doula (a birth coach) to tech enthusiast is as inspiring as it is enlightening. Join us as we explore Bianca’s career transition, her unwavering passion for learning, and the profound impact of Women in Big Data (WiBD) Munich community along the way.

Q:Can you share a bit about your background and what led you to pursue a career in technology?

A:Certainly! I’m Bianca, originally from Romania but now residing in Munich for the past decade with my family. While I currently work as a Product Owner in the IT sector, my journey wasn’t always rooted in technology. In fact, I began my professional life as a doula, guiding expecting parents through the miraculous journey of childbirth.

Q:How and when did you initially get involved with the WiBD Munich community, and what drew you to it?

A:It was 2018 when WiBD Munich started. I participated in the very first meeting because I was just starting out with data science and pursuing a nanodegree on the topic. I was in the second year of my second bachelor’s degree and was eager to learn more about the world of big data and to connect with women in tech in Munich. My goal was always to learn more about a domain I liked.

Q:Were there any particular individuals within WiBD who served as mentors or role models for you? If so, how did they impact your journey?

A:Yes, definitely. Every meeting featured insightful and inspiring individuals, but Nahia Orduna and Astrid Neumann stood out as key mentors for me. They cheered me on and offered invaluable advice on navigating the challenging job market in Munich, greatly impacting my journey and boosting my confidence.

Q:Can you share a challenging situation you encountered during your transition and how the WiBD community helped you navigate through it?

A:One of the biggest challenges was getting past the HR algorithms to get interviews. It took numerous applications and a lot of work on my CV and cover letters. Coming from a different country and transitioning from freelancing, this was a significant change, especially since I wasn’t proficient in German. The WiBD community provided crucial support and guidance, helping me refine my applications and offering encouragement throughout the process.

Q:In what ways do you think your experience as a doula influenced your approach to your current role in the tech industry?

A:As a doula, I learned to focus on solutions and tackle challenges step by step. This approach helps me stay calm and composed during project hurdles. I view the journey as more important than just the project’s end, which allows me to enjoy and learn from each experience. Just as preparation for birth requires teamwork and training, I prioritize building a strong, communicative team in my tech role. The human factor is crucial, and I support and encourage every team member, much like a doula does.

Q:How do you continue to stay involved with the WiBD community, and do you now play a role in inspiring and supporting others who are following a similar path?

A:I attend as many WiBD events as possible, as they inspire me to learn more, stay updated with new technologies, and discover opportunities I wouldn’t have known otherwise. Meeting and talking to members, both new and familiar, keeps me motivated. I also support newcomers by answering their questions, sharing resources, and providing ideas and examples from my own journey.

Q:What advice would you give to someone considering a career change inspired by their experiences within a community like WiBD?

A:Trust yourself enough to make the change and embrace the journey with an open mind and heart. Set goals, be prepared to make mistakes, and never stop learning. Remember, the road may be challenging, but with perseverance and the support of a nurturing community like WiBD, the possibilities are endless.


Concluding our interesting conversation with Bianca, her journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of her resilience, curiosity, and WiBD’s community support. Through her experiences, she not only exemplifies the boundless potential of career transitions from non-tech to tech, but also inspires others to embrace their passions and embark on their own odyssey of transformation.

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