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Who is Anjani Phuyal?

Women in Big Data

By Astha Sharma,

December 16, 2021

Anjani Phuyal and Family

Anjani Phuyal leads our Women in Big Data South Asia region. The region includes several strong chapters under Anjani’s leadership …. Anjani is also a member of our WiBD global executive committee.

I sat down with Anjani to get to know him better and to introduce him to our global community – a true ally. Anjani is the Global CTO of Genese Solution, a multinational company with operations in seven different countries. He is the Founder of Girls in Tech-Nepal Chapter, South Asia Lead of Women in Big Data, APN (Amazon Partner Network) Ambassador, Microsoft Certified Trainer, and also a passionate Academic Facilitator.

Anjani is well recognized for partnering with prestigious brands like Zoom, Amazon Web Services, Facebook, and Google, and for serving customers.

He is also a husband and a father.

WiBD: Tell us about your career journey.
Before Genese, I used to be an Information Security Manager at Capital One Bank UK, worked as a Senior DevOps Engineer at Rackspace, and also worked as a Digital Transformation Consultant for UNDP.

In May 2018, I started my journey in Genese. I partnered with some major brands like Microsoft, Google, AWS, Facebook, Zoom, and so on. Now, I am influencing the world about cloud as Global CTO of Genese which has now become a multinational company.

WiBD: Do you have the advice to give to others who are thinking about a career in tech?Learning is the best weapon anyone could carry. Don’t limit your learning and exposure to what’s popular at the market. Try to drill down to what sector excites you and expand your horizon of knowledge, practice and constant evolvement. Keep learning, even if you get your dream degree and certificates. Just work hard and consistently on yourself to prepare as a globally competent professional.

WiBD: Can you tell us why you have been an ally and supporter of girls and women and help to elevate them?
It’s because the influence of women empowerment is not as strong as we hear or as it is seen. It deeply saddens me to see that females get fewer opportunities in comparison to males and are made to spend a dependent and discouraged life when any person can have skills, regardless of their gender. Most importantly, females have proven to be equally competent as males when it comes to leadership, managerial, operational, creative and technical abilities. I want to make equal space of opportunities for both genders. So, it’s great to have a gender balanced work environment that is not just productive but super fun too.

WiBD: How did you learn about Women in Big Data and what has been your engagement with the organization that led to leading a region now?
I am fascinated by a statement made by Charles Malik, “The fastest way to change society is to mobilize the women of the world.”

Technology, especially Data and AI is at the forefront of any nation. However, women are still underrepresented in this area, which has resulted in a lack of diversity in the innovative field.

I have always been a believer that bringing the perspective of both genders is very important to cover the entire user domain. In seeking to help contribute to advancing this diversity in the tech-driven industry, I was introduced to co-founders of Women in Big Data, with whom I share the desire to encourage and attract more female talent to the Big Data, AI & analytics field, and to help them connect, engage and grow.

As a Regional Lead of South Asia, my responsibilities includes expansion of WiBD Chapters in the Southeast Asia Region and to work with WiBD headquarters to disseminate opportunities for chapter members; I also participate in programming, global marketing campaigns via email, social media channels, etcl, by developing and executing strategic growth.

What motivates you?
Young minds who are so passionate and enthusiastic to change the world, their life, and their family, and that motivates me a lot. Especially those who are thriving even with very limited resources. Their energy seems like an unstoppable force. They just need proper guidance and support to convert that enthusiasm into impactful results.

When it comes to my self-motivation, whenever I feel low or lost, I just look back on my own journey so far, which has been like a roller-coaster ride—and totally worth it.

What bothers you?
When I see youths or the new generation with privileges and opportunities making no use of it, not believing in themselves and comparing their unique identity to social media faces, it bothers me a lot.

I had very few choices when I grew up, and I have seen what can come out from a caterpillar, which passionately wants to work on itself to get its wings of freedom as a butterfly. When I see youth with no purpose in life, no motivation to grow, who are dependent on what’s given to them, I feel like they are missing out a lot in creating their unique self, in changing the world.

Any fun facts about you?
I can travel weeks and months to a foreign land with a small backpack, which my family and friends think is totally crazy. I find it quite interesting that something which I am so used to and comfortable seems totally undoable to them.

Any Quotes or inspirations that you live by?
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. And, there is no need to wait for a particular right time, right person or right environment to take that step. Just do it.

Anything else you would like to share?
There are times when my head gets filled with unstoppable thoughts about the abundance of opportunities in the market and in the nearby community. There is so much that can be done to create better times for our individual lives, our families, our companies and organizations, and the community we live in. If only we all could excel at balancing our time, energy, expertise, and process. And, I wonder if everyone would think the way I do