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WiBD & DataCamp May Session – DataCamp Certification and Next Steps

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By WiBD Team,

May 21, 2024

session with Isabella

We provided a quick overview of Women in Big Data (WiBD). Launched in 2015 and becoming a nonprofit organization in 2020, WiBD is a grassroots initiative dedicated to inspiring, connecting, and advancing women in data fields. We achieve this through training, mentoring, hackathons, and leadership programs. Today, WiBD boasts over 20,000 members across 42 chapters globally in the Americas, EMEA, and Asia regions.

Our partnership with DataCamp has been thriving for over 5 months, yielding impressive results. Here are our top learners from the past 30 days:

One of our top learners, Ysabel Wang, shared an excellent quote about her experience with the DataCamp platform
We were thrilled to have Isabella Leslie-Miller, the Community Manager at DataCamp, as our guest speaker. She discussed the certification process and what to expect afterward.

At DataCamp, certification is a mark of excellence and a commitment to high standards in data education. It signifies:

  • Skill Validation: Proof of mastery in essential data skills through rigorous exams and practical projects.
  • Industry Recognition: Certifications recognized and respected across industries, showing employers you have the skills they need.
  • Community Access: Entry into the DC Certified Community, a network for ongoing learning and professional support.
  • Empowerment: Opening doors to new opportunities and advancing careers, especially for women in data. 

She highlighted various certification programs, including “Data Analyst,” “Data Scientist,” and “Data Engineer” under Career Certifications. Additionally, she presented Technology Certifications, which included:

Certification process includes:

Registration – Begins 30 day countdown

1 or 2 Timed Exams (45-60 questions each) – Must be passed within 2 attempts

Practical Exam – Must be passed within 2 attempts

  • Hand graded by a human
  • See example presentation
  •  Practical Hub

If failed, locked out of that certification for 14 days.

Isabella then covered the certification community where data enthusiasts connect, learn, and grow together. 

Some community features include:

Weekly Networking Hangouts – Make friends, ask for help, tell us about your dog – networking hangouts are our weekly touchpoint to catch up and get to know each other

Events With Recruiters and Professionals – Regular fireside chats with interesting data science industry professionals

Kaggle Team – Work together and compete in kaggle competitions with other community members

Group Learning – Mentor-guided learning for our professional exams

Monthly Accountability Thread – Community-run check in on work and projects 

Here are a few of the questions that were asked:

  1. How long can one participate in this community program after completing the certification?
    There is no expiration. Participants can continue as long as they wish.

  2. Is the community free of charge?
    Yes, all services are provided at no cost.

  3. Does DataCamp offer a Machine Learning Engineer Certification?
    Currently, there is an ML Engineer Track, but no certification is available yet. It is under discussion and may be offered in the future.

  4. Where to get more information about Certification?  https://www.datacamp.com/certification.
Isabella has a degree in Maths and a postgrad in Finance from the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa and got into coding thanks to a cool course she had to take during her final year at university. She used DataCamp to learn R while she wrapped up her studies and later applied to work at the company because of how much she loves the platform. Now she runs the Certification Community, where everyone who has been certified with DataCamp can share, interact, collaborate, and network! Project-wise, she is really interested in sports analytics and how traditional methods and best practices can be applied to non-traditional sports (like e-sports, for example). Outside of work she loves anime, gaming, and all things nerdy.


Audrey Tan, one of our WiBD DataCamp Donates learners, recently completed her Data Engineering Certificate. She joined us to share her experience.


  • Completed the Data Engineer in Python track, dedicating at least one hour a day to study and take notes.
  • Reviewed the Data Engineer Associate certification requirements and downloaded the study guide. Noted that the exam focuses on PostgreSQL.
  • Found and completed PostgreSQL-related courses on DataCamp as quickly as possible.
  • Took assessments related to the Data Engineer Associate Certification, identified weak areas, studied further, and retook the assessments. Repeated this process as needed.
  • Completed all SQL projects available on DataCamp, learned from my mistakes, and improved.
  • Tried out the Data Engineer Associate Certification Exam sample lab to get familiar with the question style in the practical exam.


  • Registered for the Data Engineer Associate Certification Exam on Saturday, 5/18/24, and continued to review and practice overnight.
  • Started the exam on Sunday, 5/19/24, and successfully completed and passed both the theory (142 multiple-choice questions in 2 hours) and practical exam (4 questions in 4 hours).

Post Exam:

  • Identified skill gaps relevant to real-world Data Engineer jobs and started studying courses on DataCamp to fill these gaps.
  • Began studying for my AWS Solution Architect Professional certification concurrently to enhance my skill set.
Thanks to all participants. 

Link to the Recording here

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