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WiBD Russia: Inspiring Conversations with Young Women Excelling in Olympiad Programming

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By WiBD Team,

June 20, 2024


Women in Big Data Russia volunteers Angelina Pavlova and Maria Erofeeva conducted a unique interview with four amazing young women who are passionate about “Olympiad programming”: 

⭐️ Diana Alyaseva, ICPC quarter-finalist 

⭐️ Anastasia Bugrova, two-time ICPC semi-finalist 

⭐️ Elena Mikhailova, two-time ICPC semi-finalist 

⭐️ Sofia Makoveeva, aspiring Olympiad programmer

These women are not only achieving outstanding results in Olympiad programming and reaching the highest levels of the most prestigious tournaments, but they are also excelling in their university studies, teaching, and working simultaneously. Their performance and determination are truly admirable. Let’s delve into the key points they shared:

Olympiad Programming School

In Nizhny Novgorod, there are ample opportunities to learn and develop skills in Olympiad programming. Numerous courses and online resources are available, although some may not be widely known.

Community Support

Community support is crucial, especially during the initial stages when challenges arise. For newcomers, guidance and encouragement are particularly valuable as they embark on their programming journey.

Applying Skills at Work

Olympiad programming experience can be beneficial in professional settings. The skills and knowledge gained from competitions can be applied to real-world tasks, often in non-algorithmic ways.

Additional Opportunities

We were invited to participate in training camps for schoolchildren as instructors, which was a rewarding experience.


During contests, there are moments when the whole team is exhausted, lacking motivation and energy. Even simple tasks can seem insurmountable, leading to a sense of helplessness. However, solving the problem eventually brings a sense of relief.


Competitive programming can be mentally draining, but it also provides an adrenaline rush. Taking breaks for walks and fresh air can help clear the mind and improve problem-solving.


Reading interviews with renowned Olympiad programmers and following successful young students’ journeys can be very motivating. Their achievements inspire us to pursue programming, knowing that we could be in their place one day.

How to Succeed

Patience is crucial. While intelligence is helpful, perseverance and consistent practice are essential for success in any endeavor.

We are incredibly proud of these young women’s achievements and hope that their stories will inspire others to pursue their own goals.

Watch the interview here (https://youtu.be/Uo5sbR1vS88).

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