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Women 40+ in IT Initiative by WiBD Russia Chapter

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By Tatiana Cherepanova,

September 19, 2023



In collaboration with Women in Tech, we launched the “Women 40+ in IT” initiative in January 2023, and today, we’re excited to provide an update on its progress. Our primary focus is to offer support to women in the technology field who are navigating the challenges of ageism after reaching the age of 40. So far, we’ve successfully conducted eight informative webinars where experienced speakers shared valuable insights, job-hunting tips, and more. We’re thrilled to announce that five additional webinars are in the pipeline for September and October. In addition, we’ve created a vibrant Telegram chat for ongoing support and weekly informal coffee meetups to foster closer connections within our community. Discover more below.

The “Women 40+ in IT” initiative from Women in Big Data and Women in Tech communities

In January 2023, the Women in Big Data (WiBD) and Women in Tech (WiT) communities joined forces to launch the “Women 40+ in IT” initiative. This initiative is driven by the urgent need to support women in the tech industry who face ageism once they cross the age of 40. Despite the gradual increase in the number of women in IT, age and gender discrimination continue to persist. Women over 40 often encounter obstacles in advancing their careers and find themselves at a disadvantage compared to their younger counterparts.

Lina Alekseeva, the visionary behind this initiative, shared her inspiration: “I recognized the depth of this issue and decided to establish a dedicated space within WiBD and WiT to assist women in this age group in securing employment, acquiring new technological skills, and connecting with like-minded peers. This idea struck me when my 45-year-old mother confided in me that she was being turned away from job opportunities solely due to her age, despite her wealth of experience and expertise. It was disheartening, and I realized that ageism is not an isolated incident but a systemic problem that demands our attention.”

To empower and uplift women, we conduct a series of webinars where accomplished speakers generously share their insights and expertise, offering valuable job-seeking guidance. We’ve already covered a range of topics through panel discussions and webinars, with more exciting discussions on the horizon.

  1. Panel discussion “Women in IT success stories”.
  2. Tools of personal effectiveness. Realization of personal potential.
  3. How to make a resume?
  4. How to avoid mistakes in English interviews and get an offer?
  5. Leadership and text, the intersection point.
  6. Introduction to information security and its relevance in the market.
  7. How to enter into Data Science?
  8. Menopause is a new stage in a woman’s life. How to prolong the youth of the body and the brain?

The following webinars on personal and career development are planned for September – October 2023:

  1. Bungee jump. Changing functions, roles, countries – how can you make bold decisions? Personal experience and recommendations as a mentor.
  2. Personal brand: from texts to design.
  3. How to quit hiring and work for yourself?
  4. Preparation of a resume and a cover letter.
  5. Self-worth and self-respect at work, in the family and in all spheres of life.

Most of our webinars are recorded and can be accessed through our dedicated playlist on YouTube: link.

Our primary mission is to challenge and break down the stereotypes that suggest age hinders effectiveness, growth, and adaptability. Many women in the 40+ age group possess a wealth of work experience, knowledge, and skills that can greatly benefit companies and industries. To foster knowledge sharing, employment experiences, interview tips, and mutual support, we’ve established a vibrant chat platform. Furthermore, we host spontaneous coffee meetups, allowing participants to connect, share successes, and motivate each other through our chat, inspiring continuous growth and development.

Our vision is clear: we are determined to consign ageism and gender inequality in the IT sector to the annals of history. The “Women 40+ in IT” initiative is committed to providing women with the tools and support they need to overcome these challenges and achieve resounding success in their careers!


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