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Women in Big Data Could Offer Valuable Cryptocurrency Services

Women in Big Data

By WiBD Team,

January 8, 2019


Being a woman in the technology industry, including the big data sector, can be challenging. Technology and IT remain predominantly male career paths, which can pose obstacles in both networking and career advancement.

However, women working in big data have the opportunity to use their position creatively. The trick is to turn the fact that the status quo does not inherently benefit women into a benefit by stimulating creativity. To advance their careers or push their data company to the next level, females likely have to think outside the proverbial box. One great way for those in big data (or those considering it as a career) to generate a significant stream of income is through working with cryptocurrency.

Big Data Means Powerful Computers

There are many ways in which a big data career or company can overlap with the current trend toward cryptocurrency mining and investment. The first and most obvious is that big data companies typically have access to modern devices and large servers. Those massive and powerful computers can be partially allocated toward mining cryptocurrency.

This process essentially involves analyzing large amounts of code that serve as the blockchain for the cryptocurrency in question. After a certain amount of data or a certain number of transactions is reached, a new unit of the cryptocurrency comes into existence, which everyone who contributed to the mining process shares. Of course, the creation of cryptocurrency in the analysis of blockchain records in not the only place where cryptocurrency and big data intersect.

You Can Also Detect Fraud and Help People Invest Wisely

Big data already does a significant amount of work for the credit industry, who track patterns and behaviors of consumers and spending accounts online. The data that they recover helps them to determine if a purchase is likely fraud. The same sort of data collection and analysis could be used to detect fraudulent cryptocurrency transactions as well. Fraud detection is particularly important given the anonymous nature of cryptocurrency purchases.

As 2017 and 2018 have shown, the market for cryptocurrency has a massive potential for growth. However, as with any speculative market, fluctuations and precipitous drops are also possible. Many times, an analysis of financial trends can help companies give investors an edge when it comes to trading commodities, including cryptocurrencies. The more data your company handles and analyzes, the more potential you have for predicting future trends in cryptocurrencies.

If you are looking for a way to monetize your big data career experience or make your mark in a traditionally masculine field, using your position as a big data professional or within a big data company to work with cryptocurrency could be an excellent idea. This professional area is as of yet unsaturated and has many opportunities for clever individuals with the drive to pursue the cutting edge.

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