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Fabrícia Dória, Mael Franceschi, Letícia Batistela (Women in IT), Yasmine Caxeiro, Márcia Macedo

Hosted our first 2019 Women in Big Data meetup on April 12 at the Tecnopuc Technological and Scientific Park – Porto Alegre – RS – Brazil ! We are so glad that once again we’ve had full attendance, and this meant a lot to us. The agenda was prepared with our goal of Diving into Big Data always in mind.

We opened the event by clarifying for the audience the purpose and focus of the WiBD Committee. Next, Letícia Batistela, one of the Woman In Tech leaders in Brazil, delivered a talk about career transition and success. Letícia is a member of Women in IT, and some of the initiatives she spoke about included helping each other to empower the themes around how women can stand up in a professional market most occupied for men.

Mine Caxeiro

For our technical speech, Mine Caxeiro, one of the WiBD Latin America Leaders and CEO of N1N3 Data Science, gave us a practical talk about the concept and applicability of Big Data. The lecture included a collaborative moment in which the audience formed groups to discuss applicability and share ideas about the uses of Big Data.

We ended up sharing some hiring opportunities in this field–and the good news is that we are having a massive investment in Big Data locally, resulting in a lot of open positions!

Our next meeting is planned for late June and we expect all this amazing audience once again. This time, the challenge will be setting up a full hands-on event.



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