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Women in Big Data (WiBD) Members Appreciation Event

Women in Big Data

By Elaine Kwok,

May 9, 2017


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Guest Dance Performers “Iron Lotus” entertain at the WiBD Appreciation Event


Women In Big Data held the very first Members Appreciation Event on the evening of Thursday, April 6,  hosted by Intel at the SC-12 Auditorium.

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Deborah Wiltshire, Cloudera, welcomes attendees.


This was the very first time all members were invited to a single event, after having grown from only 15 members to over 1900 in the past two years!

The goal of the members’ appreciation event was to kick off the year with the latest Big Data emerging trends, to give members a heads up on what’s in store for 2017, and to encourage them to get involved, while at the same time providing the opportunity to network and celebrate with entertainment and food and drinks.

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Meenakshi Kendale leads a meditation.

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Nadia Banks on the Future of Sports


Deborah Wiltshire of Cloudera opened the night with a warm welcome, and Meenakshi Kendale of Intel led the evening with a brief meditation exercise to bring all the ladies in full presence mode. To follow, Nadia Banks talked about Big Data and how AI is related to Sports, and brought on stage some of the latest Intel wearables that track health statistics. Afterwards Hema Chamraj and Nora di Bene presented on Healthcare Life Science and Gerontology.

All attendees were asked to fill out a survey to win a Chrome- book, so the results of all participants were shown. As far as what’s in store for 2017, expect us to be having sponsored hosting events, more training  (both technical and soft skills training), mentorship opportunities, and more cocktail, tea, or dinner socials! At the end, everyone was surprised by our guest dance performers Iron Lotus, dressed in Intel Blue and LED glasses to finish off the night!

Some comments from attendees:
I’m so grateful to be a part of this meet-up that’s created such a supportive and encouraging community. Thank you to the organizers and speakers and volunteers for last night’s event. What a variety in short, interesting talks – from the importance of mindfulness, to Big Data in IoT and sports, and then Big Data from astronomy through enterprise to genomics! The talks were well done and the presenters were ALL too modest! You rocked, ladies! Intro video was excellent, too! I’m glad I went, and I’m so happy to see familiar faces and friends as I attend more of these events! I’m going to start volunteering to help… – Jen Blank

Hema Chamraj (center) and Nora di Bene speak on Healthcare, Life Sciences, and AI

What an enjoyable, informative gathering and series of presentations! Kudos to the leadership team for all the work it takes to have such a positive impact. From the Intel big data project reports, through to the dance performance, it made the drive on a stormy night quite worthwhile : ) Being a mindful devotee, I was so impressed to have a chance to breathe well, despite the waves that surround us in this Valley of Stress. Thanks and see you all again soon! – Bob Loftis

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Elaine Kwok on What’s New for 2017 — and how members can join in.


To learn more about WiBD structure and join a local chapter visit: https://www.womeninbigdata.org/wibd-structure/.

Interested in Joining WiBD? New members interested in joining are always welcome. It’s easy. To become a member, click here: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/6981086

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(L. to R.) Radhika Rangarajan, Elaine Kwok, and Angela Gill preside over the raffle.



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