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Your Personal Power: How to be More Influential, Better Compensated, and More Valuable to the People You Love

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By Eliana Castillo,

June 8, 2021

Session 2: The Drama Triangle 

On June 2, 2021, leadership coach Jeremiah Miller, founder of Forging Leaders, helped us understand the three elements of the Drama Triangle: Victim, Villain and Hero.

This session, much like the first session on “Your Personal Power” series, Stupid Clarity, was an invitation to look inward and analyze how our behavior, mindset and personal paradigms erode our power and hinder our ability to bring our best selves to our families, jobs and communities.

The Drama Triangle is a framework that describes damaging interpersonal interactions that force us into a vicious cycle.

Victims” believe there are forces against them (these forces or people are the “Villains”). A victim doesn’t have any power. Thus, victims look for someone else to save the day.

Enter the “Hero”. Since the people around them can’t be expected to solve their own problems, it is often easier and more effective to just rescue them. A “Hero” may feel superior and indispensable.

Both of these perspectives set us up for disappointment, discouragement, apathy and resentment.

In a work situation, leaders often adopt the role of a Hero. A Hero-type leader hinders growth and autonomy. Jeremiah shared various techniques that allow us to break the “Hero” mold and create a culture of empowerment, curiosity and self-reliance.

View the recording of this session here.

The date of the third and final session of “Your Personal Power” series, “The Lies You Tell Yourself,” will be announced soon.

 is a leadership coach and the founder of Forging Leaders. For the last 12 years, he has been working with business owners, executives, and other leaders to change the bad behaviors that keep them and their organizations stuck. Jeremiah lives with his wife, Andrea, and 4-year old son, Gable, in Sacramento, California.


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