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Your Professional Brand and Career Strategy

Women in Big Data

By Marie Burns,

March 12, 2020








Identifying your values is a key step in developing your professional brand and career strategy. Selecting five values was how thirty-four attendees started their “Your Professional Brand Brand and Career Strategy” workshop with Bob Loftis of NowForward Coaching. The event, sponsored by Women in Big Data, was hosted by Intel in Santa Clara on March 2, 2020.

The workshop was interactive, with multiple opportunities for attendees to work individually and share their ideas with partners, starting with their chosen values. Bob led exercises with examples using the values attendees selected to create brand statements that really showcase their strengths. Bob emphasized that people should not feel ashamed to share what they are good at. Attendees then used examples and prompts to draft their own career Aims and SMART (Smart, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timed) goals.

Attendees of the workshop came away with concrete examples, worksheets, and drafts of brand statements, career Aims, and SMART goals. Bob also provided a reading list of books he recommends for career and personal growth. More information is available at Bob’s website.

Bob has provided many workshops supporting WiBD in career growth. He also works with his private clients to help them use their talent, energy, and expertise to break through self-imposed limits to their success in career growth, personal relationships, and overall health. His goal is transformation, guiding clients to achieve the changes they desire for the progress they most want. We look forward to his workshop series continuing for us in April with “Speaking Your Successes and Strengthening Your Resume.”