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Katarzyna Stoltmann

Katarzyna Stoltmann

Katarzyna Stoltmann

Senior Consultant and Data Scientist | Co-Founder & Co-Lead of Women in Big Data Berlin | Leibniz member

welcome to my profile.

My name is Kasia. I have approx. 10 years of experience in IT. I served in different roles: analyst, analyst lead, consultant, tech lead, product owner, as well as requirements engineer and IT project manager.

I am fascinated by data diversity and its influence on the market development. I love robotics, artificial intelligence, multimodal communication and linguistics.

When you would ask my colleauges, what distinguishs me, they would answer "excellent leadership skills centered on high empathy and emotional intelligence".

In addition to my professional work in artificial intelligence, I love to network, to bring people together and to support them to find their path. I served as spokesperson of the Leibniz PhD Network, Board Member of N2 (representing approx. 16.000 doctoral resarchers), and mentor of Women in Big Data. Last but not least, I have co-founded Women in Big Data Berlin network as well as Leibniz Alumni Network.

Please contact me if you are interested in one of the topics or networks. I am happy to support you and to answer your questions.

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