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Oksana Rasskazova

Oksana Rasskazova

Product, Strategy & Innovation at BUZZ! Consulting | Lead of Women in Big Data Berlin | Leibniz Member

Passionate about AI, I managed the technical research infrastructure at Science of Intelligence, where I lead the planning, building and maintaining our robotics labs. I act as the intersection point of vision, strategy and users, leading projects based on stakeholder´s vision and user´s requirements. My communication skills and my background in research and management allow me to engage collaboratively with cross-functional teams and to connect elements across product idea, future customers and stakeholders. Being highly driven, enthusiastic, and communicative, I like to work in a growing, innovative and fast-paced environment, where I can learn, grow, and turn new ideas into deliverable projects, products, or features. In my free time I am a co-lead of Women in Big Data Network in Berlin, which aims to support women in all career stages and bring Berlin based members together for networking, mentoring, and training opportunities. My Superpowers are: curiosity, ability to learn and adapt super fast, speak, motivate and encourage people around me, having a lot of great ideas and knowing which of them to prioritize, good at not only solving problems, but also in anticipating them :) I would be happy to connect with you!

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