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D&A Live Event

Women in Big Data

By Chalcy Raja M.E.,

July 23, 2020


D&A Live – Virtual

July 14-16 by Corinium

Impeccably organized virtual “D&A Live” event by Corinium brought digital transformation leaders and the D&A enthusiasts together”

D&A Live was a great event–three days packed with interesting keynotes and engaging panel discussions featuring top leaders in Data and Analytics. This amazing, virtual (and free) event seamlessly replaced a typical face-to-face conferences. We virtually attended keynotes in the auditorium, talked with people in the networking lounges, and visited the booths of show sponsors. We even received grab bags with great daily “what to expect on day X” information. All in all, it was just an amazing experience.

Takeaway from the conference:

  1. A well-organized virtual conference leading the way to digitally transformed conferences.
  2. The realization that there are no casual hallway conversations in this modern digital world; every word uttered can be captured and analyzed.
  3. Data and Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are becoming mainstream. Every business and every person is thinking the D&A way.  
  4. How Covid and Cloud are disrupting the digital transformation.
  5. How Dataops, operationalizing data and analytics, is evolving faster, while some companies are already practicing dataops to bring Analytics products to production.

Takeaway from the panel below “Exploring Evolving Organizational Demands for Analytics”: 

  • There is no “one-size fits all model” for all organizations. Many factors, ranging from culture to data maturity, will affect the best approach.
  • A centralized data lake and data cataloging approach with decentralized analytics securing the data access may work for larger enterprises.
  • People and processes have to change to accommodate the data democratization and the move away from silos.


  • Allen Thompson, VP, Data & Analytics, Hanover Insurance Group
  • Chalcy Raja, VP, Data & Analytics, Hanover Insurance Group
  • Nick Diieso, Director, Operational Risk, Citi
  • Douglas Bennett, Senior Managing Director, Financial Reporting, A&G Real Estate Partners
  • Jeff Bodzewski, CEO, Wool & Water, Adjunct Professor Digital Marketing, A&G DePaul University

On demand access is available D&A Live website if you register.