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WiBD Leadership Team Updates

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By Riya Girish,

July 18, 2022


This week, we are ecstatic to announce updates to the Women in Big Data Leadership Team! Our new members are hardworking and ambitious women, each with their own admirable skills and goals. We look forward to the innovation brought about by these team members as they join hands with our other inspirational key players and team members. Now, let’s meet our two new members of the Global Executive Committee: Sowmya Moni and Sampada Regmi.

A Marketing & Alliances Incture, Co-Director of Women In Big Data India, an official Member at Forbes Communications Council, and a volunteer for Social Impact Initiatives, Sowmya Moni is an inspirational and hard-working leader.  Sowmya has 22+ years of experience in enterprise technology marketing and expertise in go-to-market strategy. Additionally, Sowmya is accustomed to leading high-performing teams in complex and matrixed global environments and is passionate about purpose-driven and authentic storytelling that can translate an idea or concept into revenue. Due to her drive for inclusivity and diversity in Tech, Sowmya has been chairperson of the POSH committee at Unisys India from 2016—2019 and is a Gender Inclusivity and Diversity in Leadership advocate. Sowmya also received recognition for her impactful work from the World Marketing Congress, for she was awarded the Most Influential Global Marketing Leader title.

Sowmya’s Inspirational retelling of her Women in Big Data experience:

“As Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Women in Big Data India ignited a spark of change on October 2nd 2020, to enable a platform with specific focus to bridge the divide between industry and academia and to improve women representation in data and its allied fields at grassroots level across the country. I have been fortunate to be associated with this mission globally and humbled by the support of global founders, India’s co-director, executive council members, friends, colleagues, mentors, experts, and leaders who joined to cultivate, champion, and elevate the mission to create tangible opportunities for women in data and digital technology fields in India.”

As Sowmya highlights:

The WiBD India community has been driven virtually by passionate volunteers across the country. During the last 1.5 years, Sowmya, along with her co-director Dr. Ekata Mehul and their core team, launched five Anchor Programs: Vidya, Saraswati, Gayatri, Shakti, and Lakshmi catering to different talent segments, enrolled 10 industry experts and mentors across industries, inducted 10 core committee members, including seven Executive Council Members with 20+ years of experience in academia and technology, added 1.000 members to our community, launched five Vibrant University Student Chapters, roped in seven Industry Partners, offered 20 Internships, conducted 25 Virtual Events + 3 Hands-on Workshops, initiated a Partnership with NASSCOM Future Skills Prime Program, and more.

It is Sowmya’s endeavor to see that this community grows into one of the largest self-sustaining organizations helping women identify and reach their full potential in the field of technology and innovation! We are so delighted to have Sowmya on WiBD Global Executive Committee and can’t wait to see how she brings her impact on the WiBD India chapter to the larger organization and global level.

Sowmya holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Management Development Institute, Gurgaon.

Continuing her Women in Big Data journey as she steps into her new role as a Global Executive Community Member, Sampada Regmi is more than ready to be a part of the motivational group of leaders that make up the WiBD Global Executive Community. Sampada’s path to finding WiBD shows her passion for equity within the tech fields and her determination to bring WiBD to new heights. After completing her bachelor’s degree in India and getting hints of what “industry experience” is like,  Sampada became part of two of the best tech companies in Nepal. Even though everything was going great for Sampada, she observed that the ratio of male and female members just didn’t make sense to her, especially in the Data department. This mere discomfort pushed her to research and join something that could explain the reason behind such a discrepancy. During her research, Sampada came across Women in Big Data Nepal as it began starting its Women in Big Data Nepal chapter. Since this was a group of girls doing everything, Sampada knew there was potential to do something more. Reminiscing on her Co-Director journey before its limits to online webinars, Sampada wanted to push WiBD to do much more. With the help of her amazing team in the past few quarters, WiBD Nepal is now able to reach more than 5,000 women through different events, collaboration, colleges, talk shows, training, and other avenues. As Sampada asserts, “I am super grateful to Women in Big Data for giving us a huge platform to grow ourselves with important skills to bridge the gap we have everywhere around us. If a 23-year-old can do this then anyone can do anything—that’s what Women in Big Data taught me”.

Starting from an Executive Member of Women in Big Data Nepal, to Co-Director and now Global Exec Committee member, Sampada believes that “Hands down being involved with Women in Big Data has been the best decision ever.” During her involvement with WiBD Nepal chapter, Sampada has networked with over 100 people, talked to Principals, CEOs, and many others through the WiBD platform, and organized and conducted 50+ events with her WiBD core team. Additionally, Sampada worked closely with her co-director Santoshi Gahatraj to build up a solid core team to achieve, set, plan, and execute their chapter goals for the local WiBD Nepal community. Recently, Sampada’s focus has been on managing all social media handles of Women in Big Data Nepal by tracking social media insights, Pre-event and post-event press releases with event team coordination, and preparing interesting and insightful content for event promotions. The WiBD Global Executive Committee is so thrilled to have Sampada on the team, bringing her “can do attitude” from the local level to the global level to serve and impact a bigger community.

Sampada earned a Bachelor of Engineering from MIT World Peace University.

Sowmya and Sampada joined the Global Executive Committee as of July 1, 2022, alongside the current members: Shala Arshi, Naomi Molefe, MSc Her/She, Anjani Phuyal, Radhika Rangarajan, and Tina Rosario. The Committee is super excited to have them on board.

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